Monday, February 18, 2008

Mexican American Democrats endorse Barack Obama and Rick Noriega

"Yesterday, the Mexican American Democrats endorsed Senator Barack Obama in his campaign for president, citing his longstanding relationship with Hispanic community and commitment to improving the lives of Hispanic men, women and children in Texas and across America.

The Mexican American Democrats believe that Senator Obama’s experience bringing Americans of all ages, religions, races and ethnicities together make him the best candidate to make progress on the issues that matter to Hispanics in Texas and across America. Obama’s leadership in the U.S. Senate on comprehensive immigration reform and his specific plans to strengthen our schools, bring about universal healthcare, and provide tax relief for working families show us that he is truly committed to improving the lives of Hispanics and all Americans.
"At the Presidential level, the Mexican American Democrats hereby announce their overwhelming support for Senator Barack Obama. Senator Obama stated “My commitment to a humane and sensible immigration system is unparalleled…we want to bring the undocumented out of hiding and put them on a path of earned citizenship.” This position and his commitment to issues that matter to the Hispanic community won Senator Obama the endorsement of the Mexican American Democrats in Texas."

The Texas Senate race endorsement was won by Rick Noriega, as his experience and qualifications overwhelmingly overshadowed those of his opponents. “When we think about electing a Senator who will make decisions about the war in Iraq, we want someone who knows what it is to serve in the military,” said Steve Salazar, Chairman of the Mexican American Democrats." Sam Graham-Felsen

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