Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Lampson: Set the record straight

My gmail of the day.

Dear Friend,

Contribute today and Stop Pete Olson's Lies

Pete Olson has hired new hatchet men that share his disdain for fact and truth; and his appreciation for misleading the voters. We need your help to fight Pete Olson’s attempts to smear Congressman Lampson’s record of working hard for you.

The new attack ad, by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, distorts Congressman Lampson’s record of cutting taxes for the middle class and fighting to lower gas prices for consumers.

These attack ads do nothing more than lie to the voters in a shameful attempt to cover Congressman Lampson’s strong record of fighting for energy solutions and tax cuts.

It’s clear the Olson campaign strategy is to embrace the Delay-style politics of lie, lie, and lie some more.

Congressman Lampson’s record is clear:

* Won billions in tax breaks for veterans, teachers, and America’s middle-class by passing America’s Middle-Class Tax Relief Act.
* Fought to reform the IRS and improve efficiency, saving millions of Americas time and money.
* Rallied Congress to give stimulus checks to American’s struggling with high gas prices
* Pressed Congress to find common sense energy solutions that fund new types of energy without costing taxpayers a dime.

Please give $10 or more to help broadcast Congressman Lampson’s record of fighting for you and push back against the Olson smear machine.

With your help we will win!

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