Thursday, June 02, 2005

Crawford breeze

via Democratic Veteran

Is that a breeze in here?

Or does someone else feel a d-r-a-f-t coming too?

In their Ellicott City kitchen, Jeff Amoros's parents handed their son the Selective Service registration form that arrived shortly after his 18th birthday. For them, it evoked dark memories of the Vietnam era. For Amoros, it meant: "I'm old enough to die for my country now."
Rarely in the more than 30 years since the draft was abolished has the Selective Service triggered such angst. Two years into the Iraq war, concern that the draft will be reinstated to supplement an overextended military persists -- no matter how often, or emphatically, President Bush and members of Congress say it won't.

Yeah, refresh my memory...would that be the same occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave who conflated Saddam and Al-Qaida? Who said "Osama Dead or Alive"? Who said "Mission Accomplished"? Who said he served honorably in the Tx ANG?

Yeah that one. Cowardly Lying Codpiece.

Draft, take it to the bank, my guess.


13 Fox said...

There will never be another draft. Guaranteed.

13 Fox said...

He said "Osama Dead or Alive" because that's how we'll take him. He said "Mission Accomplished" because we overthrew Saddam and sent him hiding in the ground, remember that? He did serve honorably in the ANG. His record proves it. His discharge proves it. Dan Rather proved it by showing the liberals had no idea what they were talking about. So far he's sent Osama running. He sent Saddam running, and we caught him, and no one can change his DD214, so "cowardly, lying codpiece" ???

Not seeing that one, but we're all entitled to an opinion.

Speaking of not serving honorably......remember that Dummocrat President who was impeached for extra marital affairs in office, lying directly to the American people and lying under oath? Remember how he dodged the draft?

Cowardly, lying codpiece. Seems to fit the Dummocrats well.