Thursday, June 09, 2005


Funny Cartoon. I just had to post it.


13 Fox said...

Yeah, we all love anonymous sources. About like when News Weak tried on their anonymous source for a fake story that got plenty of innocent people killed.

Hmm, they're part of the liberal media too.

And yes, rejects, liberal media exists.

Fred said...

Funny, how much of the story is true. The liberal media excuse is getting a old along with the childish name calling...have anything better?

Snave said...

Was the public softened up from hearing the "liberal media" mantra for so many years that FOX News finally became viable? I think it would have been laughed off the air 20 years ago. If something is repeated enough times, people will eventually begin to believe it, and I think the "liberal media" is one of those things.

I'd go with "corporate media", but not "liberal media".

13 Fox said...

I wouldn't, lol. You fools know the liberal media exists. If you don't you have a serious denial problem.

Snave said...


I would agree with you if you were saying some of the talking heads and news reporters are leftist. Many of them are up front about that. I would also agree that The New York Times and Washington Post newspapers tend to be leftist.

I wouldn't say that the people who own the press are leftists, though. Ted Turner no longer owns CNN, Rupert Murdoch still owned FOX the last I heard. And if I'm not mistaken, corporations own CBS, NBC and ABC.

I would also say that if the media had wanted to crucify Bush they could have easily done it several times over by now. They have had five years to bring him down, and they haven't even mounted a serious challenge other than on Bolton or on Bush's judicial nominees. They could have blown any number of things up into scandals, but haven't made any serious efforts yet. Things like Gannon/Guckert, Downing Street memo, the outing of Valerie Plame... some mention, but no persistency on the part of the media. And sure, the media reports on the unpopularity of Bush's social security plans and on what is perceived as chaos in Iraq... but polls suggest that Bush's Social Security plans aren't as popular as he'd like, and the deaths in Iraq? Death and murder are what sells for the networks re. TV news.

The media is corporate in that they report what their marketers think the people want to hear, i.e. what will sell. That's why we hear so much about missing teenagers, runaway brides, murders, and alleged pedophiles who happen to be celebrities.

Is radio liberal? Not when AM radio is cluttered with Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Ken Hamlin (sp), Oliver North, Lars Larson, et al. And not when so many AM and FM stations are owned by Clear Channel... I understand their ownership includes Tom Hicks, a huge supporter of Bush. I also find it interesting that the Bushfolk are paying off pundits to parrot the administration's message.

I believe our media's bottom line is money, not getting the truth to the people.

13 Fox said...

Snave said...

You really do have a genuine hatred of Democrats, don't you?


Actually, I enjoyed reading the article. I may not tend to agree with some of the points brought up, but it's always good to look at things from other viewpoints from time to time. It can be helpful when one is framing their talking points. Thanks for the link!