Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nowhere to run to

I posted a few weeks back that Tom Delay has become a liability to his own party, but Bush's current problems now has the GOP worried. As the average Joe learns more and more of the man called President, Bush wishes he had Kerry to lie about to turn attention away from his fucked up mess.

Bush's approval ratings are among the lowest of his presidency. Voters are growing increasingly uneasy over the war in Iraq and the economy. His signature domestic issue, Social Security reform, was received coolly by Congress and the public. Some Republicans are raising the prospect that Bush could cost them control of Congress.

Hmm...GOPers running from their two top guys...
What happened in seven months? One explanation is that he lost his punching bag - a political rival who, once pummeled, helped make Bush look good by comparison.

Ouch...sad but true.

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