Monday, June 13, 2005

What a wreck!

I said it once I'll say it again, Clark would have given Bush one hell of fight if the Democratic establishment would have given him an inch of support. Like Dean, he tells the American people the cold hard truth, with credentials to back it up. I'm hoping for Clark to enter the race in 08 to excite things up a bit. He will have my support.

Clark: Bush 'wrecking' military; lauds Dean

Clark, who was a candidate for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination, said the president's use of the armed forces has hurt recruitment efforts and eroded public support for the military."

We have to make our legislators and president understand we believe in a volunteer force, and we expect him to have the leadership to guide our country in the right way in foreign affairs without wrecking the military institutions that keep us safe," Clark said while attending a fundraiser for Manchester Democrats.

He also accused the administration of committing soldiers in Iraq without proper planning and support."

(Bush) used fear, the fear of the American people to take us into a war that was purely elective," Clark said.

See you at the Primaries, Wesley!



Tom Harper said...

I was really disappointed that Clark didn't get further in the '04 election. When I first read that a retired general might run in '04, I thought "yeah! Bush is toast!"

I'm not sure what happened, but he would've been a better candidate than Kerry.

Chris Woods said...

Wes Clark was definitely an intriguing candidate in 2004. I don't really think I gave him the credit he deserved. Being all concerned with the anti-war movement, I tended to stick with Kucinich (who I knew stood no chance). When Kerry won the Caucuses, I just focused on him. A bad move on my part, but I'll use the excuse that I was a young and inexperienced voter! ;-)

Mark said...

Clark lacked the experience of campaigning. He was with not doubt the most electable candidate in the field, he just didn't have the same type of organization as Dean, Kerry, or Edwards. If he does choose to run next time experience should be no problem.

texmex said...

Clark had some top-notch administrators from the Clinton administration. So he did have an adequate organization to win. The fault lies in with Terry Mcauliffe (sp?), who was the DNC. He screwed up for all democrats because of the way he handled positioned the candidated for the media and debates. Essentially, the DNC did not support Wesley b/c he wanted Kerry all along.