Monday, July 24, 2006

Hot Tubs and bling bling

Ralph Z. Hallow, senior national correspondent for the Washington Times expects Hot Tub Tom to run a vigorous campaign if his name must remain on the ballot.

Publicly, his stance is different. The Hammer, who faces trial in Texas, has implied that he will campaign hard if Democrats win their legal battle to keep the Texas GOP from replacing his name on the November ballot.

His chances of winning have improved as sympathy for him has grown even among Republican voters in his district who had developed "DeLay fatigue" after 21 years of his service in Congress.

Friends say Mr. DeLay will make a run only if his party concludes it was necessary to keep Texas 22nd congressional district from going to a Democrat in November.
On another District 22 note, can someone please tell this poor soul to keep his money in his pocket book? His chances are slim even if DeLay is out of the picture. Come on now, give the people back their bling bling because they (the repugs) want their hot tub.

Hot Tub vs. bling bling

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