Monday, July 24, 2006

Texas round-up

First, TPA member Annatopia is taking a breaking a break from blogging because she is busy as hell. Hey, there is more to life than blogging.

Bloggers get a little telephone face time with the next Texas Attorney General David Van Os. P Diddie has more on this spectacular event.

New Poll alert. It appears Chris Bell has gained some ground but is still 18 points back in the crowded field for governor. But my oh my, poor Grandma at a sad 11%. Poor, poor Grandma. Damon at BOR does a mighty fine job giving us his thoughts.

Me, Truth Serum is kind of in the same situation as Anatopia. Work is taking the best of me as my company has grown beyond belief and of course there is my family, which is number one on my list. I need to get back in the groove of catching up with the world and doing what I love which is messing with all things political. The Nick Lampson campaign calls me what seems at least 5 times a week and I have the same pitiful answer for them. "Next time". I have dissed Juanita in not returning a call back into forming a Blogger's Night at the Fort Bend Democrats headquarters. To that I am sorry and would love to participate if the event ever got off the ground. I did not attend the Texas Democratic Convention and the very succesful Blogger's Caucus. Blah, that really sucked. I am in a awsome group of bloggers, The Texas Progressive Alliance, and am lucky if read that email list a coulple times a week. This group is under a year old and is now starting to do some amazing things with the Texas net-roots. Theu will my #1 order of business once i get get going again. For now it's work and some easy posting with the intention of getting back on track in the near future. I do have a contributor, my bro Texmex from Harlingen, Texas, who lays out his opionion on whatever crosses his mind from time to time, but the MLB sports package get the best of him.

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