Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Coulter has a big nose

There are moments where I just absolutely hate Blogger. The technical problems on my end are now resolved but it did frustrate the hell out of me. But there is more to life than Blogging, isn't there?

Truth Serum is about the truth and countering the deception and flat out lies from the other side. Today I am posting this queen bitch of fabrication and distortion graphic. I fell out of my seat when Scamitty wouldn't come to the rescue of Ann Coulter on that crappy Fox show. She evidently walked off the show in disgust. This little right winger's wet dream obviously has an fan base with a low IQ because a little feedback from a couple good libs and she whines like a friggin' four year old. She is definitely on the list for Truth Serums Liar of year, but she's in for some tough competition. I can guarantee you that!

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