Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Turning Fort Bend dark blue this week

Thanks to Kuff for this very good news.
CQ Politics has updated its rating of the CD22 race from "No Clear Favorite" to "Leans Democratic", which makes it "the first House seat being defended this year by the Republicans in which the Democratic nominee is rated as having a clear edge". That's a step in the right direction.
Good news yes, but this means the Lampson people will have to work just as hard now that the GOP is running as the underdog. Now, when will the so called promised 3 million arrive from the Washington folks to slime Lampson. My bet is never.

I know all you Fort Bend and District 22 Republicans are just itching to leave the dark side and come over to the party of civility. But just how do you do it without the 'W' sticker people throwing eggs in your face. I say screw them and head on over to a little gathering of good down to earth people on Sunday, Sept 3. So come meet good people and hang out with future State and local Democratic candidates such as Nick Lampson, Shane Sklar, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, Chris Bell, David VanOs, Hank Gilbert, Jim Sharp, Dora Olivo, Rudy Velasquez, Farhan Shamsi, Albert Hollan, Veronica Torres, and Neeta Sane...what more could you ask for?

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