Tuesday, August 08, 2006

DeLay “More Likely Than Not” To Support Write-In

Chris over at Texas Saftey Forum has posted that DeLay will “More Likely Than Not” step aside and support a write-in for the Disctrict 22 seat. I seem to agree that a write-in would be a dreadful move for the local GOP and such an action would most definitely put a nail in the coffin and destroy any chance they may have had of winning this seat. Who remembers a write-in?

Do you ever step on a cockroach and the damn thing won't die? If you havn't this is a perfect example of such a situation. I wonder if Tom has anymore of that bug killer stuff left around to put this damn thing to bed. But for the sake of our damn intertainment watching our friends to the right...I hope not.

The write-in candidate has not been chosen, but Republican officials in Washingtonsaid they have a good chance of retaining the seat if it is a credible candidate like a mayor, judge or state legislator. Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace has expressed interest in running. Write-in candidates have until Aug. 29 to apply for a slot on the ballot. National Republicans are prepared to put money into the write-in campaign if a promising candidate is found. "You can buy name ID," said a Republican official, using campaign shorthand for making a candidate well known in the district.

But the notion of a write-in campaign drew a different reaction in Texas. "This would be met with ridicule and scorn," said Bill Miller, a Republican consultant with close ties to the state's GOP legislative leadership. "This strategy would be like handing the seat to the Democrats on a silver platter," Miller said. "Tom Delay will be remembered for the craziest end to his political career."

Miller said it is arrogant to think voters will support a write-in gambit. "Anointing a candidate never works," Miller said. "Voters are likely to say, 'The hell with 'em' and write in their own name, their kid's name." Plus, if his name remained on the ballot,it is likely DeLay would attract some of the vote away from the write-in candidate.

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