Monday, October 30, 2006

New D-22 poll - tougher fight

I agree with the comments of my fellow bloggers Kuff, Juanita, Vince and Chris that this new District 22 poll is probably not as close as Zogby has you believe. So I won't comment on it any further. I will say that Shelley has done a good job with her name identity in just a short timespan with the funds allocated to her. She has saturated radio and television and even has her mug plastered on billboards. The Lampson campaign and their DCCC consultants have also not helped matters much.

This is just one poll so take it with a grain of salt. I would love another by a repepected pollster to get a better feel for this race.

I'm not sure what the Lampson strategy is for getting out the vote but I do hope to God he has a 1.1 million dollar plan. Maybe a poll like this is needed to fire up the campaign and just maybe we'll see or hear something exciting. Nick is the best choice for District 22 and definitely the best qualified. Nick just needs to push a little harder in next few days.

Vote Nick Lampson!

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