Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In fact, I've been indicted on laws that didn't exist

First, Congratulations to Nick Lampson for his defeat of the write-in candidate in District 22. Wow, 20 years since this district had a Democratic congressman.

I kind of hung out at the Fort Bend Democrats headquarters yesterday and was thoroughly impressed with all the enthusiasm of all its members. Bryan, Mark and Martha...excellent work.

Here is a funny little DeLayism from an article I read today.
"In my case, I haven't been found guilty of anything," DeLay said. "In fact, I've been indicted on laws that didn't exist."

While DeLay said he was "personally disappointed" that a Democrat won his vacated seat, he said the "saving grace is Nick Lampson's going to be a one-term congressman," due to the fact that Sekula-Gibbs received more votes in her special election than Lampson did yesterday.
Funny.."I've been indicted on laws that didn't exist". And earth to dumbass, Lampson wasn't in the special election.

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