Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lampson Workers Say Voters Turned Away In Democratic Precinct

Here we go...
Less than two hours after the polls opened, campaign workers for Democratic congressional candidate Nick Lampson complained that voters have been turned away from the polls in a strongly Democratic precinct in east Fort Bend County.

Voters on their way to work in Precinct 4126 stopped early this morning at Oak Lake Baptist Church, at 15555 W. Airport Blvd. near Sugar Land, but found they couldn’t cast ballots, said Lampson campaign manager Mike Malaise.

According to a volunteer the campaign had at that location, election officials “just said the voting machines aren’t working. They just told them there’s no way to vote right now,” Malaise said.

Reportedly, machines at the church location had been inadvertantly mixed up with voting machines from another district, however, county officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

Mailaise noted that the period before work is often a popular time to vote. And, he added, the Lampson campaign had targeted the district – which voted almost 50% for John Kerry in the most recent presidential election. Lampson expected to pick up a significant percentage of the votes.
Also we just go word here at the Fort Bend Democrats headquarters that all Democratic sign were displaced within the last hour at the famous First Colony Conference Center. We are sending someone to investigate as we speak. What Thugs.

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