Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Sand in my shoes

Hutchinson to announce TX gov. bid - very cool - Truth Serum is excited about this for the time being. Now I need to go unpack after a refreshing five day vacation in South Padre Island.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Judge rules against DeLay group

Raw Story talks to Chris Bell regarding Tom Delay's latest headline grabber.
“Obviously he was hoping the judge would rule in favor of the defendants and he would have declared it a great victory,” former Texas Rep. Chris Bell told Raw Story Thursday. “And now I think that he has to realize that his arguments aren’t going anywhere, and the web is getting bigger and bigger.
As we all know, the story on this guy is far from over.

The righties speak to soon and end up with their foot in their mouth...
Tom DeLay - You're probably scratching your head on this one, because you're thinking to yourself - "I haven't heard anything about Tom DeLay in a couple of weeks." This is my point, exactly. When the liberals and the media kicked that door open so hard it slammed back and hit them in the nose (i.e., DeLay's numbers started going UP and the libs received some MAJOR embarrassment thanks to my post on the anti-DeLay rally that was widely disseminated), that hubbub died down very quickly.
The treasurer of a political committee formed by U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay violated Texas election code by not reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions, a judge ruled Thursday in a civil case brought by Democratic candidates.

State District Judge Joe Hart, in a letter outlining his ruling to attorneys in the case, said the money, much of it corporate contributions, should have been reported to the Texas Ethics Commission. read more

Out of touch

Each new poll I read seems to have the phrase "a new low for George W. Bush". Oliver Willis discusses the most recent poll ...

This poll just continues to confirm a trend, and it must be taken advantage of.

Six in ten Americans say the president does not share their priorities, while just 34 percent say he does – the lowest numbers for Mr. Bush since the eve of his first inauguration. If there's any solace for Mr. Bush, it's that even fewer people, just 20 percent, say Congress shares their priorities.

• The Washington Republicans do not share the values of regular working Americans

• While Democrats have tried to lower the cost of health care, protect social security from privatization, and defend our country from terrorists. The Washington Republicans have been on a campaign to inject themselves into your personal decisions, ruin social security, and to obstruct vital medical research that could save millions of lives

• President Bush is a lame duck, flailing to remain relevant as the radical right cements control over the Republicans

• Democrats are the only choice to keep America secure, protect your retirement, and look out for the common sense values of America's families.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What Energy Plan?

In WSJ today, it talks about how your mom and pop corner gas stations, a fabric of Middle America, sells gas at prices less than what it costs. Even with market prices reaching all time highs, store owners are not reaping the profits or saying, "cha-ching".

Uncertainty and fluctuations in prices force merchants to absorb most of the costs to remain competitive and loyal. Their strategy is to sacrifice profits in gas in hopes that the same customer base will walk in their store and purchase coffee and donuts, a definite profit margin winner.

What these mom and pop stores may or may not know is that the big major oil companies have already 'been there, done that' and have long ago executed an exit strategy by selling out most of their convenient stores because they know there's no money in it. The profits are obviously in the wholesale business and in the process of refining the crude to its finished product. Therefore, what we have left are these mom and pop stores, middle america (or stuck in the middle), hung to dry.

I'm sure you've heard this cry before, but here it goes again : "What America needs is alternative fuels to drive new techology and other sources of profits". (Toyota is now mass marketing Hybrid autos while GM and Ford sit on their laurels.) And, I don't want to hear about ANWAR; leave that place alone (I regret that Democrats ever caved in to this matter). Remember, these oil companies are linked to Bush either directly, indirectly or both. The spike in oil a month ago only fattened the profits for the Majors not middle America - a clever inventory control policy set forth by the usual suspects.

In Bush's final years, he needs to develop an energy policy to reinvigorate new technology in America. Hey, Bush don't forget you work for Middle America, not the Middle East.

Blogger protection from FEC

I received this via email so I will pass it on.


Time is running out at the Federal Election Commission. The period for public comment on the proposed rulemaking regarding the Internet closes June 3, 2005.

As a blogger, or blog reader - you have valuable input from your firsthand experience that the FEC desperately needs. You don't have to be a lawyer, and you've got a duty to weigh in. Please take a moment and read over and endorse the 11 Principles for Online Freedom we've written up with the Center for Democracy & Technology and the Institute for Politics, Technology, and The Internet: http://fec.cdt.org/signup.php

If you'd like to file your own comment, here are two places where you can find help and instructions:

RedState.org: http://fec.redstate.org/story/2005/5/20/122244/721
DailyKos.com: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2005/5/23/103820/231

Once you do submit a comment, please consider sending us a copy. Knowing what bloggers are telling the FEC will help throughout this process.


Mike Krempasky
Michael Bassik

I am a toy president

I found this on the internets...

Just who is pulling the strings in the White House?

Tom DeLay: "I was mistreating my wife and daughter." Until He Found Dobson...

Come and Take it comments on this...

Nick Lampson are you taking notes here...you should have volumes of of this stuff for your campaign...I hope anyway...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Webmasters call Nick

I visited Nick Lampson's campaign web site and am still waiting for something fresh. It appears to be the same site from his previous campaign. In order to beat Delay and attract people from outside his district, he will have to do more. Maybe he should call Chris Bell for some pointers.

Righties cave

So maybe this filibuster madness is over for awhile with this compromise. The agreement said future judicial nominees should "only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances," with each senator presumably the Democrats holding the discretion to decide when those conditions had been met. Officials said the pact was intended to cover the Supreme Court as well as other levels of the judiciary.

So who wins here...the reaction across the Blogosphere is that the right is down right angry over this deal. The left is upset but not rabid mad angry as the right. The clause in the deal"only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances' sums it up...the Democratics got the better end of the deal and defeats the only true reason the Republican's wanted to impose the "nuclear option", which was to install their extremist right wing judges to the Supreme Court when the time to do so arrives.

Cooks and Liars spent the time to research the Blogs...

Free Republic here Jelly F-ing spined jacka**es!!!!!!!!!!! Any compromise on THIS issue is SURRENDER. Frist just lost the RNC nomination. He's the fool who dragged this out until the f***ing RINOs got their posies arranged all pretty...read on

Instapundit: Joe Scarborough calls it a "win for the Democrats and a loss for George W. Bush"

Michelle Malkin: My two cents: Ditto to all of the above. The GOP parade of pusillanimity marches on. With this pathetic cave-in, the Republicans have sealed their fate as a Majority in Name Only.

Power Line's John Hinderaker: What a hideous deal.

Truth Serum: Count this as a loss to James Dobson and the rest of the religious right crowd who tried to ram this down our throat. Bush and Frist owe their evangelical Christian base big-time. When will they figure it out that they are being played.

Spartacus arrested in Houston

Ronald A. Grecula, 68, of Bangor, Pa., was arrested Friday in Houston during a meeting with undercover FBI agents, U.S. Attorney Michael Shelby said. At the meeting, Grecula indicated willingness to build and sell an explosive device that would be used against Americans, officials alleged in court documents.

This I don't get. Grecula said he would be willing to build the bomb in exchange for custody of his two children. His estranged wife lives in Houston. I don't see how this could possibly get his children back. The story is a little nutty...but the Boy Wonder needs a good story right about now, with his approval rating in the tank and all, but Spartacus hates America is not the one.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Broken hammer

Chris Bell has an interesting post by Joshua Green of Rolling Stone magazine on the Democrats playing rough.

After the revelations of the past few weeks, there is no longer any doubt that Rep. Tom DeLay is the most corrupt official in Washington -- which is saying a lot, given the ethical standards of Capitol Hill. The Republican majority leader, known as "The Hammer," has broken nearly every House ethics rule on the books in recent years, enjoying lavish trips paid for by corporate lobbyists and foreign agents. DeLay stayed at the luxurious Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel in Hawaii as a guest of the American Association of Airport Executives, who picked up the $52,000 tab for eight members of Congress. He went golfing in Scotland, Russia and South Korea with family members and aides, racking up $283,000 in expenses that were covered by a host of special interests, including Enron, AT&T and the Nuclear Energy Institute. His wife, Christine, and daughter Danni Ferro have received $500,000 from his campaign for their political work on his behalf -- including a late-night party for corporate donors at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where a lobbyist poured champagne over Danni's head while she was in a hot tub on the balcony of DeLay's suite. The majority leader -- a master at covering his tracks by laundering corporate gifts through seemingly innocuous groups like the National Center for Public Policy Research -- insists that his first-class jet-setting is undertaken solely for "educational" purposes.

read on...

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Give'em hell, Dean

Dean shows some backbone today on Meet the Press, exactly the reason why he was chosen.

Howard Dean, the Democratic National Committee chairman, said Sunday that Tom DeLay, the House majority leader, was likely to go to jail over ethical transgressions and called on him to step down pending the outcome of inquiries into his actions.

Dr. Dean offered a blistering review of the Republican Party - "I hate what the Republicans are doing to this country, I really do," he said - and used Mr. DeLay as an example of the "abuse of power" that he said now permeated Washington.

"This gentleman is not an ethical person, and he ought not to be leading Congress, period," Dr. Dean said on "Meet the Press" on NBC. "And it is endemic of what happens in Congress when one party controls everything."

Condi wants to be pres

Rice Wants to be Drafted for White House Bid. Seriously folks...

Lies lies lies

As each day passes we learn more and more how Bush lied and misled us all. It so bad that it's time to bring up the word impeachment here and here and here and here and here . Two former Reagan officials talk about it here and here.

A look into the future... The war crimes trial of the BFEE via Bartcop


Let's identify them all:
Front row: Monkey, Rummy, Powell, General Richard Meyers Feith, Bolton, Alawi, Negroponte..., Bremer and Forki
Second row: Unka Dick, Kinda Sleazy, Wolfie, Tenet, Sanchez, Poodle, Straw, Chalabi, ... Greenspan? Greenspan guilty of war crimes? Works for me, ...and that bastard Karl Rove, who gay-bashed his way into the White House

and oh yeah...

President Bush on Saturday championed faith in American society, but ran into some criticism as he courted his Christian base in a commencement speech at a Michigan college.

It cited "conflicts between our understanding of what Christians are called to do and many of the policies of your administration."

Some graduating students wore buttons that said "God is not a Democrat or a Republican."

update: Protesters Mob Laura Bush in Jerusalem - It's times like this that I and the world really miss Clinton.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Hide, Nazis everywhere

As Rick Santorum compares democrats to Nazis (see video), Kos points out in a conscience vote, nuclear option would go down 63 -38. So, in Santorum's mind Nazis are everywhere, democrats, majority of U.S. population, colleagues on his side of the aisle and even at the New York Times!

Bush promises probe into Saddam underwear pictures

Washington promised an investigation on Friday into how pictures of Saddam Hussein in his underpants were splashed across the front-page of Britain's biggest-selling daily newspaper.

Maybe Bush should send his boy Jeff Gannon to investigate this...it's right up his alley.

now this is getting silly.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Blogging for Dummies

You know the local righties are nervous when they attempt to be humorous (not) with the realization the Democrats are organizing in Fort Bend, County. The Fort Bend Democrats printed their first newsletter, which is quite good, and the best the guys at Safety for Dummies can muster is their disdain for the Blogger platform and their opinion that liberals were picked on as kids. I'm not kidding! Things are looking better for us here in Delay's district by the minute.

Haliburton shareholders protest turns violent

The men in blue protecting Haliburton shareholders. the war profiteers of the the Iraq war.

Halliburton Protest: 16 Arrested, a Dozen injured - see videos and photos

Houston Democrats have more here

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Touching evil: holding hands with Uzbekistan

The U.S. has brokered a deal with the devil in its alliance with Uzbekistan. In exchange for military bases and torture facilities, the U.S. looks the other way as Karimov violently oppresses and kills the Uzbek people. By Ken Sanders via Democratic Underground.

Not Stormin' Norm-an

Today the senate debates the filibuster and Frist gets blind sided early which shows the hypocrisy of the whole thing. But I just have to post British MP George Galloway take it to stuttering Norm Coleman . Why does it take a visitor from overseas to tell it like is about the big lie that is the Iraq war.

watch the four minute version here.

update 5/20/2005: The website for the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs has removed testimony from UK MP George Galloway from its website. Hiding humiliation are we?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Moral values at its crossroads

Hotel Rwanda, a movie depicting the horror of the 1990's genocide in Rwanda, exists today and it's in Sudan.

Bush had once noted, in his last term, that the Sudan massacre would not continue under his watch. His legacy is being tested. It will be interersting to see if moral values, our definition not his, can influence his international political strategy for the good of humanity. I believe, however, the current US policy is to maintain relations with the Sudan government by acquiring intelligence on terrorists in exchange for justice on human rights or genocide.

Our elected President and appointed administration preached moral values on their campaign trail, yet we invade a country and bomb to death over 100,000 Iraqi citizens over WMDs that never existed. Bush has not once given an inkling of an apology.

The clock is ticking, and for every month that passes by in Sudan 10,000 deaths occur.

Deny through ignorance

via Think Progress

Finally! Fifteen days after the Downing Street memo broke in a London Sunday Times story, eleven days after Representative John Conyers and 87 other congressmen wrote a letter to the White House asking for an explanation, and ten days after Knight Ridder wrote the first story on the British memo, some courageous reporter finally took the dive and asked the White House whether it disputed the veracity of the leaked memo.

After succesfully ducking the question for eight straight gaggles/briefings, the White House press secretary was forced to give an off-camera response yesterday. And what an amazing response it was. CNN.com reports:

Claims in a recently uncovered British memo that intelligence was “being fixed” to support the Iraq war as early as mid-2002 are “flat out wrong,” White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Monday.

“Flat-out wrong.” Good - that clears it up, right? Not exactly.

However, McClellan also said he had not seen the “specific memo,” only reports of what it contained.

So we’re back to playing this game again. It’s a familiar pattern we see from the White House when it comes up against information it doesn’t want to talk about: Deny through ignorance.

[read more…]

And Tom Delay for that matter...

Monday, May 16, 2005

No class

Liberal media

via News Hounds

Fox News' Neil Cavuto today on Tom DeLay:

"Ever since he was a young man, he and his wife have taken in foster kids." "He gives a lot to charity, but tells those charities not to say a word about who's the one giving." "He comes from a party that many say is all about the rich, but most of the time he devotes himself to helping the poorest of the poor." "He's given unwed mothers a chance and those from broken homes a hope."

Full text here in, "Beyond the Headlines."

Comment: This is the first "major" statement I've heard Neil Cavuto make about Tom DeLay and, natch, he can't say enough about the guy.

Over the past few weeks, Cavuto endorsed Bush's "plan" to "fix" Social Security, he spoke in favor of nuking the filibuster, and today he lauded Tom DeLay. I wonder what would have happened had Dan Rather done this.

Cuckoobananas in charge

via Democratic Underground

Homer, on Bart getting expelled
"and if you get expelled from that school, then you're going to military school, where you'll be sent to the next war quagmire. What will it be next, North Korea, Iran, Who knows? Anything's possible with mr. cuckoobananas in charge!"

I was laughin my ass off!!! It is now my new fav simpson's quote!

me too!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hard days work

Via Crooks and Liars

The Carpet Bagger Report has some cool photo's of Frist and this report:
Apparently, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist swung by an Allen-Edmonds shoe store today, and like many working families in Tennessee do all the time, picked up two pairs of shoes totaling $530. What he didn’t realize, however, was that the Allen-Edmonds was located in the same building as the offices of Americans United to Protect Social Security.

So, while Frist shopped, AUPSS staffers got organized. By the time he was done, dozens of protestors had assembled to chant, “Senator Frist Don’t Privatize” and “Hands Off My Social Security.” He doesn’t look like he’s having a good time. And, as an added bonus, according to my source, Frist had parked his SUV in front of Allen-Edmonds illegally, blocking traffic. The Majority Leader not only was berated by those who support Social Security, he was ticketed. (Though, one has to assume, Frist spent more on his new shoes than he will on his parking ticket.) read on

Friday, May 13, 2005

Gannon loves Delay

Via Think Progress

The Note reports on the attendees at yesterday’s DeLay tribute

Celebrity sightings include…Frank Gaffney and James Guckert, heads together in a serious conversation…
Of course James Guckert is the real name of disgraced fake journalist Jeff Gannon. You know things are getting pretty bad for DeLay when Gannon is part of his effort to shore up political support.

But hey, The gay vote is huge in Sugar Land. Hah!

Hey, it's Friday

The Red State has more...

McClellan: No Need to Notify Bush

Besides, the real president had things under control

On the day after more than 30,000 people -- including Unka Dick and Pickles -- were evacuated from their offices or homes in Washington, D.C., but the president, who was tricycling in Maryland was not notified until the threat passed, reporters grilled Press Secretary ScottMcClellan at his daily briefing.

For those who might have missed it on TV here are some choice excerpts, as McClellan continually refers to "protocols" and reporters essentially ask, "Wouldn't most men like to know when their home is evacuated and their wife is hustled to a secure bunker?" They also wonder about the small matter of the president being commander in chief and the capital, theoretically, coming under attack.


Click Here - Thanks Bartcop

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Frist and Delay - Out of Control

If you're sick and tired of out of control Republicans abusing their power to change the rules every time they don't get their way, you'll love the DSCC's new ad.

This spot - the first from the DSCC's new Media Response Project - is part of our long term plan to hit them hard every time the Senate Republicans abuse their power to satisfy their extreme right wing base.

watch here

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Perry's job approval falls below 40

Chris Bell.com has an entry on Texas Governor Rick Perry's Approval ratings and they ain't looking good.

The guys at Burnt Orange Report have the latest Rick Perry job approval numbers, and Democrats have reason to celebrate this morning:

Do you approve or disapprove of the job Rick Perry is doing as governor?

38% Approve
48% Disapprove
14% Not Sure

(Conducted by SurveyUSA, 5/06-5/08, +/- 4.1%)Click here for a demographic breakdown of the results.

BOR also points out that Perry's numbers remain high among the GOP party faithful (and I would add that they'd probably be higher still if the pollster screened for likely primary voters rather than just party affiliation). That means Perry looks likely to have enough base support to survive a primary, but will be in big trouble come November.

Terror alerts manipulated

We always thought this was true. The truth will prevail over time. Ridge says don't blame me on bogus terror alerts.

udpate: Same day. Small plane flys over White House. The threat level at the White House was raised to red -- the highest level -- for eight minutes. hmmmmm

The Bush administration periodically put the USA on high alert for terrorist attacks even though then-Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge argued there was only flimsy evidence to justify raising the threat level, Ridge now says.

Ridge said he wanted to "debunk the myth" that his agency was responsible for repeatedly raising the alert under a color-coded system he unveiled in 2002.

Army recruiting scandal

via Blogging of the President

Glow Dog has a diary at Kos about the breaking Houston army recruiting scandal. Seems recruiters have been treatening people with arrest and such to coax them into uniform. KHOU in Houston broke the story.

You can hear a voice message from the bad, bad recruiter here.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


What the f$$k

The U.S. Army said on Tuesday it had awarded $72 million in bonuses to Halliburton Co. for logistics work in Iraq but had not decided whether to give the Texas company bonuses for disputed dining services to troops.

A bonus for ripping us off. Go figure. Only in the Bush administration.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Jesus was a liberal

The Huffington Post is up and live today. The site features favorite post from guest bloggers Senator Jon Corzine, Larry David, John Cusack, Walter Cronkite and others. Definitely a different spin for the Blog World. Arrianna kicks it off with What Would Jesus Do... With Tom DeLay?
To put Delay's humble comments in perspective, let's use that oft-quoted litmus test: What Would Jesus Do?

Would Jesus strong-arm lobbyists to pay for his golfing trip to St. Andrew's in Scotland? Would Jesus let a lobbyist pay for him to stay at the Bethlehem -- I mean, London -- Four Seasons?

Would Jesus, were he to smoke, and were he to be smoking on federal property, and were he asked politely not to, then reply: "I am the federal government."

If DeLay and his pious pals had been around for the Sermon on the Mount, perhaps the most famous line about humility ever spoken would have been given a rewrite:

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth, unless the pushy hire Jack Abramoff at 750 shekels an hour; then the meek (and the Indians) are screwed."

Luckily, Jesus was able to stick to the original script.

1600 dead

Eight more U.S. servicemen die over the weekend which brings the total to over 1600 killed. Is anybody in America waking up to this? More than 300 people, including American forces, have been killed in a torrent of attacks since Iraq's Cabinet was sworn in April 28 with seven positions undecided. The U.S military has the gall to spin the increased death count to mean the U.S. is progressing and winning. Why not kill every Iraqi...is that progress? 20-25,000 not enough?

updated: Here it is. The smoking gun. The memo that has "IMPEACH HIM" written all over it. But is the U.S. press afraid to tell the truth?

Fading away

Washington Post has the goods on how Delay is becoming a distraction to his own Party.

Suddenly, the old Texas brio that carried him through years of smaller controversies is on the wane. The leader recognizes -- belatedly, some GOP colleagues say -- that the latest questions about his relationships with lobbyists are a problem threatening his career and the GOP majority he helped to build and sustain since coming to the House 20 years ago. Everywhere there are signs of a politician in retreat.

DeLay, likewise, usually no longer attends joint news conferences of the GOP leadership. His presence, Republicans say, would distract from the party's message about gas prices or other topics of the day.

A close adviser, who is involved in damage-control deliberations with DeLay but shared them only on the condition of anonymity, said recent weeks have brought a growing consensus in his inner circle that there is unlikely to be a clear triumph in the Abramoff controversy.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Conservative Idiocy

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots (No. 197)
May 9, 2005 Jesus Wept Edition

Well they've finally gone and done it... thanks to the actions of Chan Chandler (1) the right-wing have now perverted Christianity to the point where Democrats are no longer welcome in church. Jesus wept. Elsewhere, Tom DeLay (2) is lecturing people on humility and responsibility (really), the evidence that George W. Bush (3) lied America into war is staring everyone in the face, and Don Sherwood (4) might have choked his mistress. Meanwhile, Pat Robertson (6) has taken the last train to Loonyville, Laura Bush (7) tells a story about a horse's penis, and Kenneth Tomlinson (9) is seeing liberal bias everywhere.

2. Tom Delay Stop the presses! Tom DeLay is no longer in any trouble. See, last week he confessed his sins to the 54th annual National Day of Prayer gathering in Washington DC, so therefore the slate has been wiped clean and he can go back to work as if nothing ever happened. And that work now seems to include lecturing other people on the merits of humility and responsibility, if you can believe that. "Just think of what we could accomplish if we checked our pride at the door, if collectively we all spent less time taking credit and more time deserving it," he said, apparently with a straight face. "If we spent less time ducking responsibility and more time welcoming it. If we spent less time on our soapboxes and more time on our knees." Uh, yeah, it would be... great. Are you actually going to do any of that at any point, dumbass?

5. UT Campus Police Poor old Ann Coulter got heckled again during an appearance at the University of Texas last week. To be honest I'm not sure why she keeps showing up at these slimy liberal breeding grounds just so she can stand there while her arch-enemies shout obscenities at her. I dunno, maybe she's so full self-loathing that she has to hang out with people who hate her more than she hates herself. But anyway, UT student Ajai Raj asked Coulter this great question: "You say that you believe in the sanctity of marriage. How do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but fuck his wife up the ass?" Raj then retreated to his seat giving Coulter the ol' jerk-off sign. Good question Mr. Raj, and, um, interestingly put. But Raj was definitely not expecting to find himself arrested for it - as he was leaving the auditorium, he was handcuffed by campus police. Raj's arrest report states that he "committed the offense of Disorderly Conduct #1 and #2 (abusive, profane, and vulgar language and obscene gesture - Class C misdemeanor)." So, uh, are we also going to arrest fifty percent of the crowd attending every major league baseball game this season? Just wondering.

read on - It's just too funny

Patriot pastors

Via Kos

Who is holding a gun to Frist's head on his "nuclear option"? A close friend of Tom DeLay, among other extreme Religious Right wingnuts... read on

Pray republican or get out

Via Yahoo News

Members of the tiny East Waynesville Baptist Church said the Rev. Chan Chandler told them during last year's presidential campaign that anyone who planned to vote for Democratic nominee John Kerry needed to leave the church.

This past week, his comments turned to politics again at a church gathering that ended with nine members voted out. After the vote, other members reportedly left the church in protest.

Taliban? No, but close. This is the small group of religious fanatics the White House and the rest of the rebulicans are pandering to.

update: Pastor Accused of Running Out Dems Quits

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Big time loser

I appreciate Reid letting us know Bush is a loser, but I think we all knew that already. He is not only a loser but the worst president ever. Should I list the 100 reasons why?
In the course of a discussion on filibusters and Senate rules, Washington's top Democrat gave the 60 juniors a lesson in partisan politics, particularly about the commander in chief. "The man's father is a wonderful human being," Reid said in response to a question about President Bush's policies. "I think this guy is a loser.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Religion, judges and terror

via Raw Story

Rev. Pat Robertson wrote a letter in response to one issued by Sen. Frank Lautenberg earlier this week about condemning comments Robertson made on ABC Sunday, in which he indicated terrorists were a far smaller threat than American judges.

In his response, Robertson re-emphasized his contention, saying Afghan "cave dwellers" were a far smaller threat to Americans than U.S. judges. That letter follows.

To read Lautenberg's earlier letter, click here.


Chronically biased?

Greg Wythe states his frustration on the so called liberal Houston Chronicle. What happened to Dan Patrick's right leaning Chronically Biased anyway? Well, Dan Patrick now has his own blog called Lone Star Times which is basically an offshoot of his religious ultra-conservative political radio station KSEV. I don't listen to Houston AM often (have Sirius), but my goodness, why so much hate. Bible thumping hate at that. Also, like the Bush campaign blog, no comments allowed in Dan's blog. Wonder what he's afraid of?

Via Greg's Opinion

Graphical depiction of the bunk that is the "So Called Liberal Houston Chronicle" below the fold, but one thing that really chafes my hide aboutreporting done such as this. When you quote the RNC as stating:"Nick Lampson couldn't win his own district even after out-spending his opponent by nearly $1 million" ... could it at least KILL you to point out that it wasn't "HIS OWN DISTRICT," but rather the district that Tom DeLay and Tom Craddick drew for specifically for Ted Poe? At least that way, you'd be more factually correct ... not that we rely on the Chronicle for facts, but still.

;} Posted by Hello

Close Contact With Bush Team

In Bush's first ten months, nearly 200 contacts with administration were logged by controversial lobbyist Jack Abramoff, now under criminal investigation.

Spreading democracy

Eighty-eight members of Congress have signed a letter authored by Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) calling on President Bush to answer questions about a secret U.S.-UK agreement to attack Iraq, RAW STORY has learned.

Think Progress -But now there’s even more proof the White House was determined to go to war no matter, without letting pesky facts stand in its way.

Don't expect this story to bump the runaway bride on any of the 24/7 corporate run news channels.

Good TV

Via Blogging of the President

Bright Eyes performed "When the President Talks to God" on The Tonight Show this week--the same show where Jay Leno schilled for California's recall and the election of Schwartzennegger. Could the King be right?

Check out a clip of the Tonight Show appearance, download the song yourself for free on iTunes or check out the lyrics below the fold. (Thanks to Dave at Seeing the Forest for the clip link.)

When the president talks to God Are the conversations brief or long? Does he ask to rape our women's rights And send poor farm kids off to die? Does God suggest an oil hike When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God Are the consonants all hard or soft? Is he resolute all down the line? Is every issue black or white? Does what God says ever change his mind When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to God Does he fake that drawl or merely nod? Agree which convicts should be killed? Where prisons should be built and filled? Which voter fraud must be concealed When the president talks to God?

When the president talks to GodI wonder which one plays the better cop We should find some jobs. the ghetto's broke No, they're lazy, George, I say we don't Just give 'em more liquor stores and dirty coke That's what God recommends

When the president talks to God Do they drink near beer and go play golf While they pick which countries to invade Which Muslim souls still can be saved? I guess god just calls a spade a spade When the president talks to God

When the president talks to God Does he ever think that maybe he's not? That that voice is just inside his head When he kneels next to the presidential bed Does he ever smell his own bullshit When the president talks to God?

I doubt it

I doubt it

Is protest music back? Do network ratings now lie in Bush-bashing? Is the country waking up?
Just what is that smell in the air?

Clutch City?

Rockets come up big to take the series to game 7. Clutch City? Only time will tell. Good luck Rockets!!

But where was Yao Ming tonight? I'll post his pic for good luck. A halfway decent game from Yao on Saturday gives Houston an excellent chance.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Dropping like flys or (roaches)

Via The Red State

Due to Pressure from Drop the Hammer, American Airlines, Verizon and Nissan Pledge to Stop Financing Tom DeLay's Legal Defense Fund.

Keep the Pressure on: Tell Corporate America to Drop the Hammer.

Golf anyone?

Didn't think they would be up so soon, but here they are. Thanks to DFA for getting the signs up in Houston and Galveston.

You know what I call this? A sign of better things to come:

Democracy for America stood with me long before telling the truth about Tom DeLay became fashionable. You made a difference in Texas—with your support last year, my challenge brought Tom DeLay closer to losing his seat than ever before in his political career.

You can see every day on the news that your courage sparked something big. You helped make Tom DeLay the national symbol of Republican excess. He and the machine he built are on the defensive. And they should be—DeLay and his party must be held accountable for the corruption and abuse of power in Congress.

So keep fighting the good fight. Here in Texas and across the country we're onto DeLay and his special interest allies—and we want our country back. If you're in the area, you can also join one of two DFA visibility rallies at the DeLay billboards in Galveston and Houston. Count on me to keep fighting, too.

Your work has made a deep impression on me, and on this district. Keep it up—and keep showing the whole country what you can do.

Sincerely,Richard MorrisonResident of Texas's 22nd Congressional District and Democratic candidate for Congress in 2004

P.S. As you all have noticed, the final billboards read, "Lobbyists sent Tom DeLay golfing; all you got was this billboard." The reason we changed it from "Corporations" is because new evidence suggests that lobbyists actually paid for part of Tom DeLay's trip to Scotland and London in 2000—which was the same trip that DeLay went golfing.

The Big Lie

What the Pre-War Intelligence Reports Won't Tell You About Iraq's Nukes - Democratic Underground

* Recently released British documents indicate that the Bush administration did in fact bend intelligence data to fit war policy.

In any event, the shared conclusion of the two reports is not true. Not entirely, anyway. It may even be that the conclusion about Bush being misled by intelligence will turn out to be entirely false. Proving that, however, would require access to confidential information which the government is not likely to disclose.* Be that as it may, it is possible to prove from the public record that, at least with respect to Iraq's nuclear capabilities, Bush exaggerated the threat all on his own.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Wow, my district!

Via Daily Delay

SurveyUSA asked 548 registered voters in the 22nd congressional district several questions about the embattled republican's performance.

SurveyUSA asked 548 registered voters in the 22nd congressional district several questions about the embattled republican's performance.

In general, do you approve or disapprove of the job Tom DeLay is doing as Congressman?

51 percent disapproved
42 percent approved
7 percent were not sure

What letter grade would you give Tom DeLay for his job as congressman? An A, B, C, D, or an F?

A: 23 percent
B: 19 percent
C: 18 percent
D: 16 percent
F: 22 percent
Not Sure: 1 percent

Based on what you know right now, do you think Tom DeLay should remain in his position as House Majority Leader, he should resign as House Majority Leader but remain a member of Congress, or do you think he should completely resign from Congress?

39 percent: Remain House Majority Leader
21 percent: Resign Leadership
36 percent: Resign From Congress
4 percent: Not Sure

The poll had a margin of error of 4.3 percent, pollsters said.

36% say resign from leadership! My goodness. The people who know him best. Wow.

Get the campaign going Nick Lampson.

Monday, May 02, 2005


DeLay's 'Salute': A Wave Goodbye?

Via Washington Post

As if things weren't bad enough for Rep. Tom DeLay: Now his friends are planning a tribute in his honor.

Not to be cynical about this, but (oh, what the heck) you know you're in trouble in Washington when this happens.

Winning the war in Iraq?

Here is a breakdown of the four-day death toll since Iraq named its new government April 28. At least 105 Iraqis and 11 U.S. soldiers have been killed.

Thursday: 5 Iraqis, 5 U.S. soldiers killed
Friday: 47 Iraqis, 5 U.S. soldiers killed
Saturday: 17 Iraqis, 1 U.S. soldier killed
Sunday: 36 Iraqis killed
Total: At least 116 killed

Not a bad mug

Texas Democratic Party says throw the book at the bugman.

Back when Tom DeLay was just a suburban exterminator running for state rep, one group opposed him-- the Texas Democratic Party.

When "The Hammer" was still known at "Hot Tub Tom," one group was giving him a hard time-- the Texas Democratic Party.

And now that he's among the most powerful and most corrupt men in America, one group is leading the way in convicting, fighting and defeating Tom DeLay-- the Texas Democratic Party.

If you want Tom DeLay out of politics, if you are sick and tired of corrupt machine politics in our federal government, put your money where it can do the most good-- with the Texas Democratic Party!

Give to the oldest and boldest foe of Tom DeLay today!

DeLay's charity work and his political machinery

Golfing with Tom Delay

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Abramhoff - Scandal Soprano style

The fact that Delay is mentioned often in this Washington Post story should sink him even lower.