Friday, March 31, 2006

He ain't no Jesus

and I'm offended...

In an astoundingly cynical performance at a ``War on Christians'' conference in Washington this week, Rep. Tom DeLay urged religious conservatives to stay on the attack against hostile forces out to get Christians like, well, Tom DeLay.

``We have been chosen to live as Christians at a time when our culture is being poisoned and our world is being threatened,'' DeLay told the crowd. ``The enemies of virtue may be on the march, but they have not won.'' The Texas evangelist who organized the conference likened DeLay's legal and ethical woes to - wait for it - the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

But lest the faithful prematurely canonize DeLay as a martyr for the faith, they should consider how Team DeLay, with its paladins of public piety, has specifically manipulated sincere Christians for personal gain.

Mrs. DeLay thinks he's Christ too.

Two true champions

Tony Coelho and Matthew Villarreal

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Shot down from space

Five days after NASA administrator Michael Griffin urged a Houston audience to keep U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay in office, a spokesman denied Wednesday that Griffin had made a formal campaign endorsement.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Capitol

Beautiful day today in the nation's Capit0l. I'll post on my visits to the office of both Texas Senators and my Representitive in the House. I'll post on the visits and clarify on why my family traveled to Washington to urge them to restore funding to the Epilepsy program which was cut to zero dollars in the Presidents recent budget. Just where are the priorities in this country?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

El Voz de Latinos

Strong as they unite together and loud as they sing together. The Mexican voice is being heard as Republicans try to quash their southern bretheren. Hypocrisy is front and center within the Republican stage. Christian values was never in them. Ignorance underlies our American speak because we fear the truth. Prejudices will dominate until there is no more a single majority. Let this nation continue to be a nation of immigrants.

Immigration should be controlled but the underlying hypocrisies and the prejucdices within the House bill should be eliminated such as criminalizing those who help the needy. This type of language tarnishes the American humanitarian spirit. The Senate bill passed today eliminated this one particular notion. Thank God.

Maybe the Left could unite and sing together to impeach bush for misleading us to war. I dream about that day of justice but I won't hold my breath.

White House Shuffle?

Who the Hell cares about Andrew Card!

Day 1 in D.C.

Tomorrow I will be attending a Capital Hill Briefing on Healthcare and Disability Priorities and a legislative grassroots break out session on defining and delivering the Epilepsy message. Thursday , after a send off message from Former Democratic U.S. House Member Tony Coelho, I'll be let loose to send my message on Capital Hill and then on to the Debriefing Room on Capital Hill. I don't know at this point who we'll get to visit with but I'll post anything that is of interest. Stay tuned.

On another note. ITMFA. Go here to see what this means.

Jesus wants a PAC

A friend of mine sent me this quote by DeLay:
“If they go after and get a pastor, then other pastors shrink from what they should be doing,” he said. “It forces Christians back into the church, and that’s what’s going on in America.…That’s not what Christ asked us to do.”
Of course not, Christ wants right wing Christians to create political action organizations. It just wouldn't be ethical to learn how at church would it?

Monday, March 27, 2006

FY 2007 House Budget Debate: Save Health & Education Funding

I'm leaving for Washington D.C. tomorrow. Here is why.

During the 2006 Senate debate on the Fiscal Year 2007 Budget, Senators Specter and Harkin (Chair and Ranking Members on the Senate Labor, Health and Human Services Education Appropriations Committee) introduced an amendment to the budget bill that restored funding for public health programs. Responding to an incredible flood of grassroots voices, on March 16th the Senate overwhelmingly adopted the Specter-Harkin Amendment, by a vote of 73-27.

The amendment increased health and education funding by $7 billion and rejected White House-proposed cuts, including the cut to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Epilepsy Program. These public health programs have been seriously eroded by years of flat funding, outright reductions, and four years of across-the-board cuts. Last year alone, public health programs lost over $1 billion in funding.

Investing in public health can slow the growth in programs like Medicaid and Medicare spending by preventing, or treating chronic diseases and disabilities and infectious diseases early. The Specter-Harkin amendment provisions protect and support the nation's investment in biomedical, behavioral and health services research, disease prevention and health promotion, targeted services to medically underserved populations, and education of a diverse health care workforce. The Specter-Harkin amendment restored health and education funding to FY 2005 levels by adding in $7 billion. This amount reflects the funding diminishment in the past two years alone.

The FY 2007 Budget Resolution would set overall budget ceilings for House and Senate appropriators and limit the funds they can allocate for federal agencies and programs. The House Budget Committee is scheduled to consider the successful Specter-Harkin Senate amendment to the FY 2007 Budget. The amendment, which restores funding for critical epilepsy public health programs, will be introduced by Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) in the House on Wednesday, March 29th. Grassroots support is absolutely critical to winning passage of the Specter-Harkin amendment in the House of Representatives.

What You Can Do to Help

Urge your Representative to support the DeLauro (Specter-Harkin) Amendment to increase funding for health and education programs.

If your Representative is on the House Budget Committee, urge your Member to vote YES on the DeLauro (Specter-Harkin) Amendment in the Committee vote on the Budget Bill.

If your Representative is NOT on the House Budget Committee, urge the Member to weigh in with Budget Committee Chairman Jim Nussle (R-IA) to support the DeLauro (Specter-Harkin) Amendment.

You can also contact Chairman Nussle directly.

Contact your representative TODAY by calling or emailing. To make contact by phone, find your legislator's contact information online or call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 225-3121.

The Texas members on the Budget Committee: Democrats: Chet Edwards, Henry Cuellar, Republicans: Jeb Hensarling, Pete Sessions, Mike Conaway.

Here is the othe other reason why. My very special kid.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

War of his choice

It was just the other day in a speech that bubble boy said he never wanted war. Really?

LONDON — In the weeks before the United States-led invasion of Iraq, as the United States and Britain pressed for a second United Nations resolution condemning Iraq, President Bush's public ultimatum to Saddam Hussein was blunt: Disarm or face war.

But behind closed doors, the president was certain that war was inevitable. During a private two-hour meeting in the Oval Office on Jan. 31, 2003, he made clear to Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain that he was determined to invade Iraq without the second resolution, or even if international arms inspectors failed to find unconventional weapons, said a confidential memo about the meeting written by Mr. Blair's top foreign policy adviser and reviewed by The New York Times.


The memo indicates the two leaders envisioned a quick victory and a transition to a new Iraqi government that would be complicated, but manageable. Mr. Bush predicted that it was "unlikely there would be internecine warfare between the different religious and ethnic groups." Mr. Blair agreed with that assessment.

The memo also shows that the president and the prime minister acknowledged that no unconventional weapons had been found inside Iraq. Faced with the possibility of not finding any before the planned invasion, Mr. Bush talked about several ways to provoke a confrontation, including a proposal to paint a United States surveillance plane in the colors of the United Nations in hopes of drawing fire, or assassinating Mr. Hussein.Discussing Provocation

Without much elaboration, the memo also says the president raised three possible ways of provoking a confrontation. Since they were first reported last month, neither the White House nor the British government has discussed them.

"The U.S. was thinking of flying U2 reconnaissance aircraft with fighter cover over Iraq, painted in U.N. colours," the memo says, attributing the idea to Mr. Bush. "If Saddam fired on them, he would be in breach."

It also described the president as saying, "The U.S. might be able to bring out a defector who could give a public presentation about Saddam's W.M.D," referring to weapons of mass destruction.

A brief clause in the memo refers to a third possibility, mentioned by Mr. Bush, a proposal to assassinate Saddam Hussein. The memo does not indicate how Mr. Blair responded to the idea. - NYT

A toast to the devil

Saturday, March 25, 2006

McCain: I wanna be like them

He really does...

McCain recently hired Terry Nelson, an individual who was involved in DeLay’s corporate cash funneling scheme. While appearing on a radio show, McCain first defended Nelson saying “none of the charges were true,” but later said he “will go and look and see if any of them are true, but I’ve never heard of them before.” He may want to investigate this check.

Have you seen this man?

And for starting World War III and for breaking the law!

Friday, March 24, 2006

A moment with Texas Blogs.

Eddie says don't drink the water and damn if you shouldn't vote for Chris Bell.

Don't expect the Dick to invite the our favorite cockroach killer to go hunting anytime soon. The State of Texas has revoked Tom DeLay's Concealed Weapon License...being indicted in a felony an all. Juanita has the scoop.

Rick Perry, Tom DeLay and the illegal use of taxpayer money. I know, I know. Tom is involved in another scandal. Republican State Comptroller Carole blah blah blah Strayhorn is ready for a fight with Goodhair as the Dems just sit back and wait. Houtopia explains that this is just a preview of Texas Republican Death Match 2006: Goodhair vs. Grandma.

Meanwhile, Grandma takes Goodhair to court for wanting every ballot signature hand verified. Nate explains why and wonders where is Kinky in all of this?

Jack Cluth and Pink Dome explain the Bush Silver Foot and Mouth disease.

Dos Centavos give us their two cents and supports Urbina-Jones for State Democratic Chair.

Evan notes two new blogs in CD-22 and as you would guess both lean to right. But hey that's Ok, I need a new punching bag besides Chris.

A little downtime with Fox News

For your reading enjoyment...

The Smoking Gun has finally obtained the backstage demands of a real rock star. That's right, below you'll find a copy of Vice President Dick Cheney's standard "tour" rider. The document is provided to hotels where Cheney will be bunking and lists how the Republican pol's "Downtime Suite" needs to be outfitted. While the vice president's requests are pretty modest (no extract-the-brown-M&M demands here), Cheney does like his suite at a comfy 68 degrees. And, of course, all the televisions need to be preset to the Fox News Channel (what, you thought he was a Lifetime devotee?).

The Smoking Gun

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Missing truth

I'll be back soon. I swear.

Go Horns!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Time to say hola

to our new friend jobsanger from Euless, TX. Stop by and say howdy!

DeLay GOP opponents say "F" You

Why am I not surprised.
It is usual form for party colleagues to endorse the winner of a primary--but not so in TX-22, Tom DeLay's district.

DeLay's three former opponents are either refusing to endorse him for the general election in November or waiting to make up their minds, reports The Hill today. This could prove trouble come November. Michael Fjetland, Tom Campbell, and Pat Baig are not taking kindly to DeLay's accusations, soon after winning his race, that they "mimicked Democrat attacks."

Said Campbell: “I think Mr. DeLay is engaging in a counterproductive but characteristic pattern of conduct. He’s attacking the messenger. … Ten thousand Republicans, many of which were conservative Republicans, voted against the incumbent, and they voted for another conservative as an alternative. Mr. DeLay should think about that, rather than simply attacking me as being a liberal Democrat, which simply the facts don’t support.” - PCAF

Click image to see why it smells

America has spoken

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I think she ought to read the Constitution again

Constitutional scholar Tom DeLay of Sandra Day O'Connor...
"I think she ought to read the Constitution again," he said. "We have an authority. They are not an ivory tower over there. All wisdom does not reside in nine people with black robes." "It's in the Constitution, and it has not been exercised in 50 to a hundred years, and it's time to do it."

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Dog eat dog

Rocker Ted Nugent is angry with the band Green Day because they laughed off his offer to collaborate with them...Green Day's latest album 'American Idiot' is critical of US president George W. Bush and his administration while Nuget is a strong Republican.

"What's it matter? I'm gonna be killin' it anyway"

Yes you are, Mr. President

Update: The idiots are taking over - video

Friday, March 17, 2006

Bad bad president

In regards to bubble boy's reckless Republican fiscal policy...
Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the Democratic leader, said Thursday that given Mr. Bush's record, "I really do believe this man will go down as the worst president this country has ever had."
America is finally waking up!
A majority of Americans, 56 percent, believe Bush is "out of touch," the poll found. When asked for a one-word description of Bush, the most frequent response was "incompetent," followed by "good," "idiot" and "liar." In February 2005, the most frequent reply was "honest."

Censure suport at 46%

TP reports that 46 percent of Americans (48 percent of voters) support Sen. Russ Feingold’s censure resolution, while 44 percent (43 percent of voters) oppose the idea, according to an American Research Group poll.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

On a positive spin

Bush predicts mayhem in Iraq

Instead of campaigning trying to prove to 70% of the American people the war is legitimate, he ought to be working his ass off to fix this mess. Why is it always just one big political campaign for this guy? I honestly think the blood-bath he created is now way above his pay grade and isn't that sad...the president of the United States. Well, it's never to late for a vacation. It is spring break after all.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wow, what a season

Wow. And to think all we have left after tonight is a 90-minute season finale next week. I don't know about you, but I'm really not looking forward to another long hiatus for this show. The thing is, I don't realize how much I miss the show until the next season starts.

Democrats: The Wimp Factor

Kevan Quinn says even the former party faithful are fed up with the cowardice, lack of direction and opportunism of democrats in Washingon.

See it for yourself.

34% for a reason - lies

Today nearly half the IEDs in Iraq are found and disabled before they can be detonated. In the past 18 months, we've cut the casualty rate per IED attack in half. -- George W. Bush, March 14, 2006

"Pentagon records show that at least 8,000 members of the all-volunteer U.S. Army have deserted since the Iraq war began. Hey, at least somebody has an exit strategy." --Tina Fey

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

To protect and boss

FEC looks into DeLay's ARMPAC

Another day, another inquiry.

Tom DeLay's ARMPAC received an inquiry from the FEC on March, 8, 2006, asking them to clarify if they charged the "usual and normal" amount for the transfer of ARMPAC's mailing list to DeLay's congressional campaign committee. The campaign was charged $3,138.87 for the mailing list.

Seems like a small amount of money for this list, huh?

Not according to ARMPAC. They responded, via email, to the FEC letter claiming to have it all reviewed by lawyers.

I think this needs more scrutiny, and I'm not convinced the FEC will do it. Time for reporters to ask some questions.

A true maverick

As poll approval numbers at 34%, 36% and the Harris poll at 36%, Democrats once again prove why they need a back brace for their spinless backs.
Feingold, defending his censure plan today on Fox News, said: “I’m amazed at Democrats, cowering with this president’s numbers so low. The administration just has to raise the specter of the war and the Democrats run and hide…too many Democrats are going to do the same thing they did in 2000 and 2004. In the face of this, they’ll say we’d better just focus on domestic issues…[Democrats shouldn’t] cower to the argument, that whatever you do, if you question administration, you’re helping the terrorists.” - Raw Story
Some things just never change.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bringing back integrity to the White House?

Gale Norton, who resigned as Interior Department secretary Friday, leaves amid a burgeoning ethics scandal that has touched the agency as federal investigators eye links between her former deputy, Steven Griles, and disgraced former Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Norton, who turns 52 today, said the investigations were unrelated to her decision to leave, which she said was personal.

Also, now we know why Claude A. Allen, Assistant to the President for Domestic Policy, resigned last month. If you believed the White House line that he was to spend more time with his family, you were again lied to by this administration. The truth is he was arrested for ripping off Target in a retail theft scheme claiming fraudulent refunds. Times must really be hard on a $161,000 salary.

And the Oscar winner is...

The film's world premiere will be in DeLay's backyard of Houston Texas at the Angelika Film Center on May 5th and will continue a theatrical run after that.

Grassroots screenings will be coming in June.

Download the teaser in mov or wmv"

By the time we finish this poker game, there may not be a federal government left! Which would suit me just fine." -Tom DeLay, 1994

Friday, March 10, 2006

Lampson speech online

Listen to the Lampson speech from Tuesday night.


"Tonight is the first big step toward a big change in November. The departure of Mr. DeLay has been delayed long enough." - Nick Lampson

Why not?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The art of denial

According to Tom DeLay and other political hacks...

Vanity Fair is set to publish a tell-all interview with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, noting that his plea-bargain sentence can be "substantially reduced" by co-operating with investigators.

The piece makes much of many prominent Republican's denials of having worked with Abramoff. Abramoff reminisces about jokes President Bush, who now claims not to remember him, made about his weight training program. Abramoff also recalls discussing the Bible, opera, and golf with Tom DeLay.Raw Story

Who's your buddy?

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Election Night Event: Nick Lampson says he is ready for DeLay

I just returned from the Nick Lampson party in Sugar Land. What a great bunch of people.If there is anyone who can throw these crazy Republicans here in Sugar Land for a loop, it is my guy Lampson. It amazes me how one would vote for a man with so much baggage and the bags are not even half full. This is a great night for Democratic Party here in District 22 and this is going to be one hell of a campaign. Nick Lampson, an honest respectable candidate versus an indicted, corrupt politician. No politics of personal destruction here...just the God's honest truth.

Watch Nick pump up the crowd: No More DeLay

Tom throws mud first...
I'm the only candidate who has faithfully stood up for these conservative priorities, and I am asking for Republican voters to stand with me as we defend this district from the dangerous and irresponsible representation of Nick Lampson."
Dangerous and irresponsible? I'll remember this at Tom's next indictment!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Lets get the party started

While DeLay is in Washington stuffing his pockets with other people's money, Nick Lampson will be spending time in his community hanging out with everyday people like you and I. Stop by meet him and other D-22ers here.

What's more important?

The people you represent or...

a night of wining and dining with Lobbyist!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Friday, March 03, 2006

O'Reilly threatens callers over the mention of Olbermann's name

A mention of Keith Olberman on the Bill O'Reilly radio show gets you a visit from Fox Security....they have your number and you will be held accountable.

Here it for yourself

What a nutty world Bill lives in. Great call Mike.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

DeLay: I told you not to use your American Express

Now does this sound like someone you would vote for? Delay's trip to golf resort paid for by Abramoff
The paper trail seems so obvious it makes you wonder whether anyone ever worried about getting caught. When Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas, and his wife flew from Houston to a golf resort in Scotland in June 2000, the first-class airfare cost $14,001, a big-ticket item for a public servant. But someone else paid.

The American Express bills of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who pleaded guilty to fraud charges in January, show he footed the bill for the tickets, in an apparent violation of House ethics rules.
"There are many members of Congress who will not sleep well tonight," said Wertheimer at the time of the investigation. "This is a blockbuster of an investigation that will reach deep inside the power structure."

Federal authorities told ABC News that Abramoff began providing details of his dealings with DeLay and pinpointing a long list of senators and representatives more than a year ago.
Anyone with a sound mind should not.

Best of friends

Update from TP:

During his interview with Fox News today, Tom DeLay said his hands are clean of Abramoff’s malfeasance:

I’ve hired lawyers that look through everything that we’ve done, my relationship with Jack Abramoff, every contact we made with him, everything. And they’ve given me a complete bill — clean bill of health.
Maybe he should find some new lawyers...

AP is now reporting that:

Prosecutors have asked a travel agency to turn over records on a trip to Britain that Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), then the House majority leader, took in 2000 with lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

A subpoena issued Wednesday seeks documents on travel services bought by the now-disgraced Abramoff for himself, DeLay, DeLay's wife, a DeLay aide-turned-lobbyist and two others.

The subpoena includes statements from Abramoff's credit card showing that he paid the travel agency nearly $40,000 for the group's airfare for the trip to England and Scotland. It is against House rules for a lobbyist to put a congressman's expenses on his credit card.
Maybe he should hire some more lawyers.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tom DeLay fights for his political life in Texas

Reuters has a nice little story on how DeLay is losing sleep at night.

"I'm bothered by all the investigations and scandals," said Veniece Griffin, a Missouri City Republican who plans to vote for Campbell. "DeLay has had 20 years, and he's not representing me."

Bush a big liar on Katrina

As I drove my kid to school today listening to Bill Press on the radio I asked myself if Bush's approval numbers could get any lower. As much as he probably deserves it I surely didn't think it could ever get below 30%. People have called Bush a flat out liar including myself and my friends on right would spin it away to thier satisfaction. Well today, thanks to a video released by AP, the world can see for themselves what a low life this man is. He ought to enjoy his 34% approval rating today because tomorrow doen't look any better.

Crooks and Liars has more and the video. Here's the video of this breaking story. Hat tip David Edwards. FEMA Brown is telling everyone that this is the "BIG ONE!" Bush says in the video that he's "fully prepared." He sure didn't act like he was now did he? Bush is busted for lying about the fact that nobody knew the levee's would possibly have been breached.


Big Ass Truth Serum Alert

It's the game plan stupid!