Thursday, January 19, 2006

Right wing bloggers attempt to discredit DeLay's poor poll results

Our friends to the right are going ape shit over the recent Houston Chronicle poll showing Rep. Tom DeLay trailing ex-Rep. Nick Lampson(D). They are congratulating each other over what they allegedly call a growing story widely criticized by (right-wing) bloggers. Lets just be honest here, conservatives hate the Chronicle here in Houston and why not use this opportunity to take a few pot shots at their beloved local paper.

Tom DeLay vs. the World claims to be ecstatic people are talking about this story. But just who are these people?
David Benzion at Lone Star Times breaks the news that Dr. David Hill will be on "Special Report with Brit Hume" tonight on Fox News Channel at 5pm Texas time to talk about the poll. Hill's interview has already been filmed, and Benzion was present for the interview, so he previews it.

Dr. Hill has a very good national reputation as a pollster, so it will be very interesting to see how he views the piece.
Dr. David Hill is a Republican pollster who has completed projects for well known political clients such as former Vice President Dan Quayle, Elizabeth Dole, Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris and Tom DeLay. Need I say more.

David Benzion, the managing editor at Lone Star Times, broke the news Dr. David Hill will be on Fox News. David Benzion just so happens to work for Dr. David Hill at Hill Research Consultants. David is also an employee of ultra-right wing KSEV and a volunteer for the Dan Patrick for Senate Campaign. Dan Patrick is is also a conservative talk-show host on KSEV and formed the web site Lone Star Times. Dan also created the now defunct Houston Chronicle bashing web site Chronically Biased.

National pollster Chris Wilson of Wilson Research Strategies criticized the survey's methodology and resulting coverage on KSEV yesterday.
Chris Wilson on unbiased KSEV? Wow! Any guest on KSEV should already raise a few eye brows.
Chris Elam (whose blog has been newly christened Texas Safety Forum) has had a few posts on this poll since even before the results were released.
Chris works for his daddy's Republican consulting firm Campaign Resources, Inc. A quick peek into his client list and you'll quickly see a laundry list of Republican politicians including Tom Delay.

I'm sure there are others involved in this growing story, but I'm sure you get the drift. It's just one big happy family.

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