Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Texas Primary Picks

I guess this is a good time as any to climb out from underneath the rock I have been hiding from and offer up some endorsements that are of interest to Truth Serum.

Governor - Chris Bell. I have been following Chris since he broke the informal truce that House members declared on investigations of ethics complaints against its leadership. That leadership being Tom Delay, my District 22 representative. I'll get to that later.

U.S. Senate - Barbara Radnofsky

Lt. Governor - I'm not ready with this one just yet. Give me few days.

District 22 - Nick Lampson. This is an uncontested primary and a shameless plug for the man who will defeat DeLay or whoever wins the Republican primary.

U. S. Representative, District 28 - Ciro D. Rodriguez

State Senate, District 19 - Carlos I. Uresti

You can read other Texas blog endorsements over at BOR.

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