Thursday, April 13, 2006

Juan Garcia vs. culture of corruption

Picture looks good, huh?

Well, Richard Morrison is asking to please support with $$ to Lt. Cdr. Juan Garcia who is running against DeLay's rubber stamp in TX HD 32. Hat tip to Eddie.
Seaman, on the other, seems to be the man for whom the term "furniture" to describe inept lawmakers was coined. He pocketed $35,000 from DeLay's TRMPAC and its parent organization ARMPAC in his 2002 race. He took an additional $80,000 from other DeLay-linked sources, including Houston megadonor Bob Perry, the indicted Texas Association of Business, and Texans for Lawsuit Reform.

And then he voted in lock step for every extremist idea to come down the pike. Redistricting? Why not! Cut half-a-million kids off CHIP? You bet! Double college tuition rates? Of course! The single biggest tax hike in Texas history? Who cares!
You wouldn't suppose Seaman would cut and run?

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