Monday, October 11, 2010

Perry is hiding finance records and stealing from you

This is exactly why the Republicans love this guy.  It's just another day at the office of Rick Perry stealing the people's money.
But Perry has some nerve in so stridently calling for White to come clean and even refusing to debate White because he hasn't released income tax returns from more than a decade ago.

Perry is today hiding financial records that are much more recent and more relevant to Texas taxpayers.

He's refusing to tell us to whom he is giving millions of dollars of our money.

Last Sunday the Dallas Morning News reported that the state's Emerging Technologies Fund, which is controlled by the governor, has awarded more than $16 million to start-up companies whose investors have given hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions to Perry. According to the Morning News:

ThromboVision Inc., a Houston company, won a grant for $1.5 million. Investor Charles W. Tate has given more than $424,000 to Perry.

Terrabon Inc., also of Houston, was awarded $2.75 million. Investors include Perry friend Phil Adams, who has given the governor at least $314,000.

Gradalis Inc. of Carrolton received $1.75 million. Its investors include Dr. James Leininger, who has given more than $264,000 to Perry.

Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. of Houston was awarded $975,000 from the fund. Investors included William A. McMinn, who has given $152,000 to Perry.

There were more.
Now all you Texas Tea Party you approve of this or are you a bunch of hypocrites?

Did I mention the $21 Billion deficit?

Enough to make the worst person in the world....

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